Editing Sample: Style Guide

Title: Style Guide for August Jackson

Organization: The August Jackson Company

Audience: This style guide was written for August Jackson employees, with the goal that they would be able to better serve customers through their writing. August Jackson is an international company that specializes in experiential marketing. They interact both in person and online with people from all backgrounds and levels of English ability, so writing for easy understanding is an important issue.

Comments about Editing: This style guide was put together well, so I made no major changes. There were little copyediting things to add here and there, and I offered some substantive editing when wording was unclear. I did not fix every issue, but I left directions and suggestions for the writers to implement.

Special Considerations: I edited the style guide in Word using comments and track changes. Any inconsistencies in the editing sadly come from my imperfect understanding of the editing directions; I learned the hard way that I should make sure in the future that I understand exactly what I should be doing.